Osasion launched Meme & Sticker Competition

I. Osasion Node Information Update

Osasion Active Nodes: 19,735

Sleep Nodes: 9,886

Inventive Mining Pool: 2,594,544

AUC Pool: 3,406,260

$AUC Consensus price: $2.08

II. Marketing Update

On Mar 17th, Osasion launched a Meme&Sticker Competition, people can make their funniest, creative, and unique memes and stickers to win up to 100 $USDT

Submit your entities to https://forms.gle/jobBrdG2vkiBgWoQ8…

Read the…

Make MEME & Telegram Sticker to win $UORA rewards

How to Participate

Make Osasion theme MEME or Telegram Sticker to win up to 100 $USDT.

Meme & Sticker

  1. Create Osasion theme Meme or Telegram Sticker
  2. Retweet the competition Tweet: https://twitter.com/OsasionOfficial/status/1372021174847246344
  3. Make Memes and Stickers

Meme: Tweet your entries with the hashtag “#OsasionMeme&Sticker”

Sticker: Post your sticker in EpiK Protocol Telegram group: https://t.me/OsasionBlockchain

Osasion Blockchain

MPOS Diversification Finance

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